Stone and Brick Cleaning

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These days the appearance of stone and brick surfaces suffer from modern day pollutants such as traffic, harsh weather, general neglect as well as natural growths such as moss and algae. The general result is a dirty appearance, which unfortunately takes the beauty and character away from stone, brick and marble. Professional, regular cleaning not only reduces the risk of atmospheric and or structural damage of your stone, brick or marble but also maintains the original appearance such as color or architectural detail of stone and brick.

With modern technology, cleaning methods have dramatically advanced in accordance with environmental and safety awareness. We pride ourselves in tackling stone and brick projects using the safest, most effective technique to bring about first class results. Our cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and we can provide sealants for protection from future atmospheric pollutants keeping your stone and brick looking like new.
Brick can be nearly impossible to restore once mineral deposits from landscape watering, bleaches and stains have accumilated, leaving the brick surface with a white appearance. We can remove these deposits and restore the red brick color using special treatments formulated specifically for these surfaces. We will also seal the brick to help reduce the formation of these deposits in the future.

We provide Marble cleaning and sealing to maintain your marble for years to come or full Restoration with diamond polishing and powder polishing to remove damage. In addition we also can remove lippage (high spots) in your marble floors.

Marble diamond polishing removes deep scratches, etch & dull marks to bring back the original look and beauty of your Marble. If you have spilled wine, orange juice, or vinegar on your marble floor and it has left a mark we can usually remove it like it was never there with marble diamond polishing.

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Applications Include

  • Kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Counter tops
  • Shower enclosures
  • Fireplace hearths
  • Garage floors
  • Patios
  • Concrete driveways and walkways
  • Pool decks

Additional Services

  • Pressure washing Wood floor stripping
  • refinishing
  • installation Tile repair
  • installation
  • re-grouting
  • Tile and stone sealing
  • Waterproofing
  • Carpet cleaning

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Our foreclosure purchase needed extensive stone cleaning in the basement and all of the bathrooms. Kleen Tile Xpress did an outstanding job and made our stone and tile look like new. They were professional, on time and left no mess behind. Mary Mashburn

Laurel Springs