Frequently Asked Questions

How large an area do you operate in?

Kleen Tile Xpress operates mainly in the greater Atlanta area within a 75 miles radius of Downtown. However, we will travel further if the job warrants.


How do you charge?

We charge by the square foot both for the cleaning and sealing of grout tile and stone.

What is the procedure for getting started?

Generally we will come to your location to view the job, assess the scope of work and test if needed for sealers etc. on the surface. We usually quote the job on the visit. 

Does the customer provide anything?

Kleen Tile Xpress furnishes the product for cleaning and sealing grout, tile and stone. Pricing for the tile, grout repair and other materials can be worked out at the time of the quote. We ask customers to be responsible for furniture removal from prospective area. 

How do you clean small, tight areas in showers, corners, behind the toilet, etc.?

Kleen Tile Xpress has a full array of handheld and edges to service these hard to reach areas. Leaving your tile grout stone clean and sanitized 

Do you also seal and how long does it take to complete a job?

Because our process is one that cleans, sanitizes, and vacuums all in one motion, we are able to seal almost immediately. We are very proficient in both indoor and outdoor sealing of all stone grout and tile. 

I have a cleaning service but can’t get out grout chemicals or mold off my shower walls.

Normal cleaning products will not get grout chemicals or kill mold and in many cases add to the problem. Our system heats water to 220 degrees. Our solvent breaks up all the algae, dirt, mold, etc. And under 800 pounds of vacuum pressure we suck it out of the stone and grout killing all the fungus and bacteria. Leaving your grout tile, stone cleaner and more sanitized. 

Can you help in our daily maintenance of our floors, showers etc. . .?

Yes, because our process (unlike pressure washer or scrubbing) actually sucks the fungus, mold, etc. out of the grout and stone and disposes of it. You are not simply moving dirt back around. The sealer will then protect grout ,stone tile and we can advise you on proper solutions to protect your surfaces. 

How does your system differ from pressure washing?

Pressure washing is suitable for driveways, parking decks, etc. but is not ideal for enclosed areas because it pumps out large quantities of pressurized water, which can damage stone, tile and indoor flooring areas. It does not remove dirt, mold etc. from the area but merely moves it around and inhibits maintenance. Our system vacuums the water as we suck the dirt out of the stone and grout while using very minimal pressure as opposed to a pressure washer. Our system also has no moving parts that touch the surfaces. The system is also sanitizing all stone grout and tile.

How can I see a demonstration of your system?

Visit our Homepage and watch our video